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Corpus Christi Package - between the 30th of May and the 04th of June 2018

Incredibly beautiful


The beautiful beach of Jericoacoara - or affectionately called Jeri - is isolated by golden dunes that flow into the sea, is the postcard Pedra Furada.

Jericoacoara owes part of its well-deserved reputation for being elected - in March 1987 - one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post Magazine.

A beleza de Jericoacoara

A special village

The Jericoacoara magic remains intact to this day, the cearence village has managed to retain its authenticity and its rustic air. Much of this mystery is due to difficult access by car the five sandy streets and the lack of street lighting. The other part is due to their oasis of clear water lakes of Jericoacoara National Park. Without leave, too, the beautiful waterfront that leads to the Holed Stone - symbol of beach and Ceará - and the famous sunset dune, 30 meters high.

Duna do Pôr do Sol

Powerful nature

The region is characterized by many dunes that are in constant motion and close to the town. There is actually a park dunes and among them, lakes and at least two huge crystal clear lagoons, the Blue Lagoon and Paradise. On the beaches are centenarians coconut trees that create an idyllic setting where you can walk barefoot. Or stroll the quiet lakes formed by rainwater. Near Jeri are mangroves and rivers that are habitat of seahorses and crabs. Native fishermen cast their nets into the sea while waiting the next tide to take them off.

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Windsurf em Jeri


Jericoacoara is one of the best places in Brazil to have strong wind, if not the world. This is due to the winds that blow from the African continent. While most of the coast of Ceará the wind direction is SE to NW, in Jeri coast direction is E to W, parallel to the equator and in exact accordance with the trade winds, which has no natural obstacles and therefore , arrive in full force. The strong wind arrives in June-July and remained until January to February. 90% of the days provide 4.2 to 4.7 sail-off side for six hours.

After the magical setting of the sun, capoeiristas gather in the central beach of Jericoacoara and give a true spectacle inviting visitors to participate in capoeira.