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Corpus Christi Package - between the 30th of May and the 04th of June 2018

A unique place

National Park

The Jericoacoara National Park is situated in the municipalities of Jijoca of Jericoacoara and Cruz, extends over an area of 6295.00 acres of pristine natural beauty.

The Prea Beach is part of the National Park with about 33% of its total area, being the gateway to get to Jericoacoara.

Árvore da Preguiça

Created in 2002

The National Park was created with a special decree on February 4, 2002, redefining the limits of the Environmental Protection Area of ​​Jericoacoara, State of Ceará, and other measures. The National Park is approximately 200 square kilometers, is located in the municipalities of Jijoca of Jericoacoara and Cruz, with the eastern boundary to Prea and as the western border town of Guri.

Pôr do sol

Paradise setting

The National Park is an enclosed area that contains unique natural features, spectacular, of national importance. The objective of the park is the protection of natural and cultural resources of the area, preserving the fauna, flora, and provide opportunities for public viewing, leisure, research and environmental education. Within the park is prohibited any form of exploitation of natural resources. See the Map.

The National Park is controlled by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - better known as IBAMA - which has an office in Jericoacoara.